Month: July 2016

The firing of neurons as they send and receive electrical signals

That Aha! moment

The moment when information and recognition turns into understanding is a palpable release of energy. The big questions are: what’s the brain’s physical change that is happening? Can we measure it? Can we influence it? Neuroscience is the key. Indeed – neuroscience is providing us with..

eLearning Myths

Theories come and go like the latest season’s fashion.  To be sure ‘Thar be dragons’ behind both old & dear and new & popular eLearning theories. The challenge is to spot the good amongst the bad. This blog’s genesis comes from the sharp sting of being “suckered” by a..

Where does learning occur?

Where does learning occur? A simple question.  Yet it’s one that really opens one’s thinking to new perspectives. Given the ubiquity of mobile devices with fully featured web browsers empowers students to learn in an ad-hoc, time efficient way that has never been possible before…

Innovation - "Transmissions"

The Itch of Innovation

How does innovation happen?  Is a problem a pre-requisite for innovation? At it’s most basic level, all it requires is a concept to focus upon. Innovation genesis does not require a ‘problem’ nor does it require a ‘eureka’ moment. In short, you can drive innovation..