Month: February 2018

Defining Engagement

Engagement.  There’s $500 million Australian university’s CGS cluster funding potentially at stake, turning on the definition of that word.  If the plan goes ahead (Department of Education and Training 2017, p27), it will be a financial incentive to bring student experience of higher education into..

Breaking down video

Video hardware and software is cheaper. It’s quicker and easier to achieve a good standard.  Publishing is now the same as distributing. Yet, if we want to make engaging educational videos, we need to understand how it works and what it’s affordances are in the..

Engagement: The emotional side of learning

This highlights the emotional side of learning: it is impactful, lasting and it’s important.  The key is to understand how to harness this emotion to trigger engagement with learning. Student Interest and Engagement This understanding is what Ella Kahu, Karen Nelson and Catherine Picton have..