2019.48.WOL | Coaching Vs Facilitating, Feedback and Creds

Hacking the Working Out Loud (WOL) concept to reflect on the working week as a Learning Designer. This week: Coaching Vs Facilitating, Creds and Programs, TELedvisors and Portfolio.

Coaching Vs Facilitating

Ran 2 sessions about being ready for purposeful “Informal Feedback” as part of academics dialogue with students. One went well received as it met the needs of the individual. The second session was tough. My reflection was I didn’t discovering the participant’s very specific purpose for joining the session and adapting to that. Got there in the end and provided some value but not in the way that was intended.

It was an experiment in a ‘coaching’ format to professional development. Interesting debate from the ‘coaches’: conclusion was pure coaching was difficult and not suitable for small group workshop: coaching is most suited to 1:1 over time – not in a short single session. However (!), coaching is an important tool used in facilitating.

My conclusions: The session’s precept was of value. It was right to keep it conceptual and keep it small – and to avoid demonstrations. The my session needs to be significantly restructured so it pulled out participant need which the coaching would could be used. A handout that helps the participant implement the concept is highly valued. In this case it was flimsy and under-designed but provided a good signal to noise ratio:


College level work continues on Creds. Insight was understanding complexity of College programs to ensure the student experience is consistent from one campus to another. Lots of data wrangling in spreadsheets as a precursor to properly database management.


Kate Mitchel and I shared our ePortfolio Conference presentation called Knowing Learning Design through Portfolio presentation with the TELedvisors community in a webinar.

Great to see other presentations. Gold was in Mary Jarrott & Penny Wheeler’s presentation “Mary Jarrott & Penny Wheeler”. My take away was you can use ePortfolios to bring coherence across micro-credentials and short-form subjects (if planned properly) and as a way of creating a layer of networks.

Discovery from the session for further investigation is Australian University Teaching, Criteria and Standards (AUTCAS) based on a UK framework. Could be a way of framing learning design capacity building work ~ if the framework is still relevant. Need to also check out HE Academy.


About to deep dive on Portfolio in College of SEH. This is not about business case but really being T&L ready for using Portfolio as a tool, being ready to embed Portfolio into frameworks, being ready for the big issues of using Portfolio. Will certainly be raiding the learnings from the conference.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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