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2019.49.WOL | Portfolio, Creds Production, Summer Support, Reporting and Mirrors.

Hacking the Working Out Loud (WOL) concept to reflect on the working week as a Learning Designer. This week: Portfolio, Creds Production & Summer Support, Reporting and the Hall of Mirrors.


The portfolio project’s kick-off meeting was set to be about defining, scoping, workshop, agenda setting, task prioritisation and allocation. The team is great, with diverse experience and will be able to pull a lot together quickly. Needing to move this forward quickly, the meeting agenda was ambitious, designed to fit within 2 hours. Then a RMIT Studio Portfolio vendor presentation landing smack bang in the middle. All stop.

Rather than abandoning the meeting, the agenda was brought down 30 minutes to simply discuss the brief as a group of colleagues, with me facilitating the discussion. Then all could attend the vendor presentation.

With hindsight, this was a better approach. Through discussion, a consensus emerged that the project has value and the approach was sound. The takeaway for me: establishing a consensus in a collaborative team of peers is a small but vital first step before attempting to drive the project forward. Felt good – huzzah!

Creds Production

This continues – as process systems continue being adapted and built in the background, there is a lot of manual work being done via spreadsheets. Collaborative spreadsheets are extremely powerful but there are traps. g.Sheets personal Filtered Views has a bug if you do any multi-row operations (eg filling or deleting) it will stuff up the data. Thank goodness for the version control.

Creds Support

Who doesn’t want to go on annual leave? Yet those not on leave will need support for using Creds in T&L. Used Adobe XD as a quick visual way to map out support topics: https://xd.adobe.com/view/451dc7b9-8a43-4795-4931-708635023c75-332c/


Project reporting is necessary in any business. The question is how to make that easy for those who have to report while meeting the reporting requirements. That was my manager’s challenge to me and a colleague as she left for the day. We’ll get this rolling next week.

Standing in the Hall of Mirrors

HR’s goal setting time. I have comes to terms with this perennial task in past as the way the game is played: I can actually help build a case to ask for time, to ask for professional development. I feel RMIT are far more genuine in delivering on this promise – and have already done so supporting my attendance the Australian ePortfolio Conference. Still, corporate goal setting time still feels a bit like standing in the hall of mirrors.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

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