2019.51.WOL | Sharing

Shared Load

Sharing emerged as the key theme of the week. For Portfolios we shared the load. First together we refined the outcome:

The consultation with SEH Schools will culminate in a report on the required mix of portfolio applications which identifies at a high level:

  1. Each school’s program requirements of portfolio.
  2. Any functionality gaps created from available tools compared to required portfolio needs.
  3. Support requirement and priorities.

The report will inform a coherent strategic approach to portfolio.

With clear shared understanding, we broke it into five key areas. On Anselm’s suggestion, we framed each facet in terms of a question:

  1. Discussion Planning. Qn: How to we facilitate the data gathering?
  2. Applications of Portfolio. Qn: What are the established application of Portfolio?
  3. Required Research. Qn: Why are academics want to be engage with Portfolio?
  4. Comms. Qn: How are we going to engage SEH with Portfolio Consultations
  5. Analysis: Who is audience and how will they use the report?

Individual team members then took on a lead role to drive each aspect forward. I hope they feel empowered – I am certain the outcome will be far superior than any other approach.

On another track, a side debate was going on about what the ‘hook’ to engaging stakeholders will be. The discussion went around in circles a bit because it was framed as a specific singular answer. My conclusion? There’s no one answer; instead we need to look at portfolio from each stakeholder point of view:

  • Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor
  • Deputy Dean Learning & Teaching
  • Program Manager
  • Course Coordinator
  • Sessional Teacher
  • Student
  • Ourselves.

The answer may be pedagogical, or time saving, or compliance as the primary driver of acceptance ~ it will be different depending on who you speak to. There’s a diagram that summarises the drivers of stakeholders that I would like to find from an Australian blogger.

Shared Understanding

August was the first time that the new Learning Enhancement Team collectively came together to discuss our team identity: Leaders of Contemporary Learning Practice.

Four months later, with the Area of Focus squads winding down, gave us our second opportunity to really define ourselves as what we do and how we do it.  The discussion is so central to building that shared understanding between us all.  What I saw was real engagement in deep discussions with each other, response detail being calibrated, side discussions being brought back into the main flow, and that flow being guided.

The result is a statement of just a few aspects of work – there’s much more to be done.  The length of document belies the importance of what was achieved as a group: a shared understanding started to emerge.  It needs more detail but it was a good start to defining the what the teamwork will be in 2020.

A time for sharing

It’s time to share a very welcome break with family.  Will be back to TEL and WOL again in 2020.

Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

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