two young gils standing infront of graffiti saying "keep learning"

In short: Was born very young. Grew up thinking both tech and Newfoundland dogs were awesome. First job as a 10 year old doing data entry on a MS-DOS 3.1, using a command line program edlin.

At school, was inspired by an awesome economics teacher and studied Economics at Macquarie University. After which I decided the economics degree was an irrational assumption. Inspired by a quote in Tuesday’s with Morrie (paraphrased): the gifts of learning never stops giving, I combined education with a passion for tech in a Bachelor of Educational Multimedia degree… and be having much more fun since!

Chased the dotcom bust and a girl around the world. Both chases were successful. Learnt a heap from my experiences, mistakes, family and friends. Worked with a stack of amazing colleagues in many levels of education.  Still giggling at the Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes’ Spaceman Spiff as I introduce them to my beautiful kids.