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Seminar: Pedagogy before technology?

Presentation: Pedagogy before technology? Connections between theory and practice when teaching with digital technologiesPresenter: Dr Louise Drumm, Lecturer DLTERecorded: 30th April 2019Slides: View online | 0:00 | PhD Dr Louise Drumm introducing her PhD work. What are the connections between theory and practice?..

Random things that worked

Here’s a grab bag of thoughts about converting Canvas subjects to Moodle. 3 Phases of build: Admin – Base – Content When there are only a few of us on the project, or people change, or work only part time, dividing a subject’s development into..

The Question of Missing Images

Solving the question import process was awesome but automatically importing images into those questions still remains the last unmet challenge. Images are either simply broken or have unwanted hard coded links back to the Canvas instance. Solution dead-ends For example, one Chemistry exam had 60..

An iphone case fractured, with light showing the veins of the fractures.

Broken on Import

This is a deeper dive into the problems and the workarounds of just getting the file imported (not question content issues like broken images). Same error but different causes Canvas exports quizzes as QTI files (it’s in XML format). Sometime importing a QTI file into..

Tricky - a boy playing Jenga

Tricky content

Presenting Learning Content Moodle Labels, Lessons, Pages and Books are the primary elements to carry content. Which to use? Labels are the fast track to scroll of death Importing Canvas content automatically generates Moodle Pages. Lots. Lessons are cool but too limited and have gradebook..