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The Question of Missing Images

Solving the question import process was awesome but automatically importing images into those questions still remains the last unmet challenge. Images are either simply broken or have unwanted hard coded links back to the Canvas instance. Solution dead-ends For example, one Chemistry exam had 60..

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Broken on Import

This is a deeper dive into the problems and the workarounds of just getting the file imported (not question content issues like broken images). Same error but different causes Canvas exports quizzes as QTI files (it’s in XML format). Sometime importing a QTI file into..

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Tricky content

Presenting Learning Content Moodle Labels, Lessons, Pages and Books are the primary elements to carry content. Which to use? Labels are the fast track to scroll of death Importing Canvas content automatically generates Moodle Pages. Lots. Lessons are cool but too limited and have gradebook..

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Content Copycat

Canvas content imports into Moodle as pages. Lots of pages. This makes for excessive navigation for students and academics – not a good experience. Moodle Books were selected for the better experience in navigating content. Similarly it’s quick to edit individual book chapters/sub-chapters. The small..

The Brief

27 subjects.  4 FTE Developers (Learning Designers).  6 months. Progress must be tracked and reported. What to do: “Lift & shift” ~ recreate each Canvas subject in Moodle as though they are just about to be rolled over for the new teaching period. What not..

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A Canvas to Moodle Migration

Right. Ok. Sure.  No problems.  With that brief, Project Bob kicked off. No idea how. Follow the challenges and the solutions in this series of posts. More a technical design story rather than project management.  Should you find yourself on a similar project, you can..