That moment.

Did you ever had a moment of shock recognition when you need to catch up with your field?

For me that moment was in March 2013…

It was a simple conversation with a colleague who, in her very polite and understanding way, gently mentioned that the particular eLearning theory I was referring to didn’t have the evidence to support it.

I had fallen for an eLearning myth.  Quite a shock.

In that one moment, the gentle admonishment effectively shocked me in to reevaluating my previous studies in the eLearning field. It was the shock I needed. It gave me fresh eyes on a field that has grown, diversified and matured considerably.  As too had the digital technology environment of which eLearning is a part.

It’s time to rediscover what is the latest eLearning thought and practice.  Much of it will be an online journey – students study differently, tools are different, technology has followed Moore’s law, teaching and research is adapting. The biggest change, however, is the call for evidence of learning theory and calling out assumptions.  It’s time to pull that research together here, in re:learnings.

Join me on this “relearning” journey and share your thoughts, be challenging and share your experience of what works and does not.

Let’s get started.

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