Night Drive


Thinking. Doing. Reflecting.
Learning things is easy. But
Learning who is me
Learning the what, the who, the why I will defend
Learning what is of lasting value.
That is hard.

My world I construct
In reflections of the sister, the brother, the father, the mother,
The family extended, the friends, the other,
The tough roads, the easy streets.
The now, the past, the soul, the world at large,
In these I reflect, I construct
My world’s guide, for life’s journey.

I am learning who is me
By walking paths known and new
By making best from worst
By finding, losing, embracing love.
I am learning ’tis a gift
Of giving that never stops.
I am forever changing.

In sharing, shares love and learning:
The love for life enhancing
Of revelation shared
Of wisdom proved
A life examined.
Is a good life.
My life of learning.

A reflection for a dear friend, who is in my heart, has taught me much about life and me.

My friend continues today to check and shape my thinking and actions. A ferocious intellect, always 5 steps ahead, yet always had patience to explain with care and cooking. Who cared for the world and it’s critters by creating spaces for community to flourish to make it better. Who painted the world with people, colour and whimsy.

What she shared with me, I share with my family, friends and you: that colour and whimsy matter, that compassion and caring matter, that family and friends matter, that community matters, that the world matters, that you and I matter. That love and learning occurs in the sharing – and that’s what matters most.

Featured image ‘Night drive” by lucychili. Use permitted 24/4/19 by adhoc.

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